Thursday, September 18, 2014

To the Parents of The Kid who Yelled at me

I don't mind people campaigning for
the political party of their choice. Go
door knocking, hand out leaflets, go
on twitter, I have to say congrats for
getting involved.

What I don't like or appreciate on
a cold raining day, when all I want
to do is get home is having your
ten or eleven year old kid, asking
me who I'm voting for, and when
I tell them, they say "You should
vote for the Greens instead"

And when I walk away, I dont
appreciate, your kid giving me
a smart ass look and yelling,
"Vote Green Vote Green"

Why you never called your kid
back, I will never know and why
I never told your child to go away,
I will never know, I was more in
a state of shock I guess.

Please, if your on the same street
corner tomorrow, can you ask him not to
bother adults going about their
business, and maybe suggest to him
it's not very clever when he gives
adults a smartass condescending look.


Garth from Chicago


I didnt take this. Garth from Chicago.

Monday, September 15, 2014

KimDotCom Fail

That's it!!!


Fail of the year.

The biggest fail since, Trumpy went after

His big announcement, wasn't an announcement
at all, it was really just a party political
broadcast for Communist parties around the

No new information, fake emails, one big
ego trip for Kimdotcom.

Im guessing the Unions loved it, because it
had no substance.

Now with five days left, can  the parties please
talk policies, the people of New Zealand deserve
more than having to hear from a failed German

I doubt Labour and Temana will have the integrity
to do so, though.

Time will tell.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Zealand Election Prediction

National  48%
Labour   24%
Greens   11%
NZ/First   6.5%
Conserv    5%
Maori       2%
InterMana 1.5%
Act          1%
United     0.5%
Other      0.5

So a handy win for National, they
will go into coalition with another
party. Cunliffe will be fired as
Labour leader.

Kimdotcom will lose millions
failing at his goal.  Nicky Hager's
worth will be zero.

And all those from the standard and the
daily blog will wonder why they spent
so much time on the internet.

Who knows if I will be correct or not.

Time will tell.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts with the USA

On this 13th anniversary of the tragic attacks, thoughts
are with the good people of the USA today.

Stay strong, always.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Simon Sweetman is wrong on GhostTunes.

Simon Sweetman is a music reviewer
from New Zealand, he recently called
GhostTunes stupid and superfluous.

After looking up what Superfluous
meant, I have to say Simon Sweetman
is wrong.

This is not the Cola wars Simon, it's
not VHS versus Beta. Itunes doesnt
get to be the sole music provider of

The people behind this, the people who
are taking charge, are the biggest people
in the music industry, and it's about the

Garth Brooks is right, Itunes shouldn't get
to dictate, how his music is sold, and for
what price. Itunes shouldn't let people
pick apart, artists albums and only select
half the songs.

You wouldn't go into an art gallery and ask
to buy 90% or 60% or a person's work, a
person's creation.

Then there is the compensation, for the least
compensated people in the music business,
the writers, the people who create the lyrics,
the ones who are on the bottom of the Itunes
food chain.

This is who Garth is looking out for, just like
with his stance on used CD's. It's never been
about the money or the numbers, despite the
critics thinking otherwise.

GhostTunes is all about the music, they don't
sell watches or widgets, it's a place where
people can enjoy music for purely music

It's not stupid or superfluous.

Just something for the Simon and the doubters
to think about.

Garth Brooks Knows how to make an entrance.


He still has it, best live performer ever, hes a clip from
Chicago, the first city in his world tour, I didnt take this.

Labour Party Supports Hacking

Words fail me, that the once great Labour Party of
New Zealand can support the hacking of someones
private emails.

Their list MP candidates such as  Hamilton's Anjum Rahman have
taken such delight in retweeting  hacked emails and hacked
information from  Nicky Hagers book.

In the same breath these wannabe MP's show how
disingenuous they are by talking about integrity.

Well they're running  the most dirty vile campaign any
Labour party in New Zealand history has, and he
media is letting him.

Normally I love watching election campaigns, not
this one, it's everything I hate, disingenuous, hateful
and hypocritical.

Kinda sums up the current Labour Party.

New Zealand Knocked out

New Zealand made the top 16 of the Basketball world

We were knocked out by European Powerhouse

Again, New Zealand punched well above it's weight
in this tournament, the last four world cups in a row
we have made the playoff stages.

With a very young team, the future is looking bright
for New Zealand Basketball.

Well done to them.

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Zealand Beats Finland





Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Zealand Beats Ukraine