Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Emma Watson

That Guy

 (Pictured is Mark Valley who played Brad
Chase on Boston Legal)

(Reposting this old post, it would appear
that Matt Prokop is a "That Guy" This is
whats happens when "That Guy" is never
told they're wrong and gets handed everything
to them. Thoughts with Sarah Hyland for being
a victim to "That Guy", of course Matt Prokop
would disagree,  "That Guy" always does.)

There is a scene on the programme Boston
Legal, where Alan Shore bursts into a Partner's
meeting as they're about to vote  onwhether Brad
Chase should be become partner.

Alan Shore was incensed that his friend Jerry
Espenson wasn't put up for the position, he 
looked up to the podium and  saw a
cut out of Brad's smiling face, looked at the
partners and says something along the 
lines of  "Does it always have to be that guy?"

That got me thinking, Why is it always that guy?
In every aspect of life, it's always that guy.

It's always that guy who goes to a restaurant,
and gets the best table, and gets the best 
service, and the best piece of steak.

It's always that guy who goes to a store in the mall, he
will get served first, he wont get a smart alec 
shop assistant,  he will get the best customer
service possible.

Coming back from an overseas trip, that guy will fly 
thru customs and not get picked for a routine bag 

Buying Panadol from the chemist,that guy wont get asked for
ID, or the name of his G.P

Getting picked first for a team, whether it be as a
 kid on the sports field, a class room assignment,
 a  project at work, or on some lame reality
tv  show, it's always that guy.

A group of friends having a discussion,
 people will listen to that guy  first.

If different advice is handed out to 
someone in trouble, it's that guys
advice they will take.

Your on a social media site, or at a dinner
party, it's always that guy's jokes that people
will laugh the  hardest at.

If that guy's got the slightest problem in his life
he will have a army of people, giving him
sympathy and telling him he's special, and every
issue in his life, is blown into a war and peace novel.

Heaven help you, if you don't like that guy, because I'm
afraid in life, it's all about him.

That guy doesn't even have any negative syndrome
 name after him, if your short, you have short guy syndrome,
if your fat, you have fat guy syndrome, if your ugly you
have ugly guy syndrome, if you write a negative blog you
have bitter guy syndrome, if you complain about that guy
you have jealous guy syndrome,  according to 
another blogger there is a  "privilege denying guy", and 
of course there is "nice guy syndrome", they are the 
worst guys of the lot apparently, but that Guy doesn't
have a  negative syndrome, because he is that guy.

Can someone please please  tell me, why does it always have
to be that guy, or about that guy? Why is it always him?, he does
nothing special, others do better, but its always him, isn't it?

Like I said this post was written from seeing an old Boston
Legal clip, and a couple of incidents that went thru my
head after seeing that Boston legal clip. I have never figured
it out, why it  always have to be about that guy, like I said in
a previous post, this  post is not earth shattering, it's not
powerful and has no overbearing message, I just need to
know, why is it always about that guy, and why is it always
that guy?

Can someone tell me?

In a couple of days time, I will write about the other guy.
He deserves some thinking about to, I'm guessing that 
guy will disagree.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Failed Loser

KimDotCom, you failed, you failed.

You failed, you fat slimy German Fuck.

Four million dollars you spent trying to buy
New Zealand's election, and you failed.

Your supporters and their hate failed.

Everything you stand for, corruption and hate,

I guess there's just one thing left to say.

Enjoy your Federal Prison Cell, BITCH!

The Biggest Losers in this Election

5: Corin Dann and TV Journos:
TVNZ and TV3 need to hang their heads in
shame. For over a year they listen to, they cheered
on, they giggled like little school girls, everytime
KimDotCom spoke. What they didnt do was
any actual reporting or research.

4: Tracy Watkins and Andrea Vance:
The worst type of Journos, they're
self righteous, smug  extremely Narcissist,
have an overinflated opinion of themselves
and think anyone who slightly disgree with
them is either sexist or dumb. What they dont
do is look at the stats and hard data.

3:False Outrage from Twitter and Blogs:
You know the people, the people who when
the fiction book from Hager came out,  tweeted
out "They have stolen our country" "I'm physically
sick"  "Ive been crying all day" They worked themselves
up, and tried to create a moral outrage where there
wasn't one, it's pretty clear to see, they're just coming
from their own ideology and not what is right
and what is wrong.

2:Martyn Bradbury:
New Zealand's own communist, has spent his
whole adult life trying to convince people the
USA is to blame for everything, and the only
way the world will come together is too listen
to his own ideas and values.

A criminal, who for some reason was celebrated
by the New Zealand media, but the public thankfully
didnt buy what he was selling. He is a grotesque, vile
hate filled, revenge loving individual, who is great
dangerous, and now that he has lost, he is not going
to give two hoots about our country.

Thankfully the people of NZ didnt allow the above
people to influence them, we saw whats right, and
did the right thing.

Heres hoping its going to be three great years.

Time will tell.

National Wins Hate Loses

Well done to National and John  Key for winning a
third term.

This was the election that Hate lost.

National campaigned on policies, their opponents
campaigned on pure hate, hoping the public would
go along with their anti USA, anti capitalism BS.

It didn't work.

Let that be a lesson to those that have a chip on
their shoulder about the USA and New Zealand's
close relationship.

NZ is a western country in the South Pacific, we
have the same values.

National knows this, and this why they won the
election,National will continue to try and help
those who need it and provide the resources to
people to try and get ahead.

The campaign National won was run on their own
policies, day in and day out they repeated why they
thought you should vote for them, they backed it
all up with stats and hard data, they ran a positive
campaign, they wanted the public to know what
they stood for and National got their message out

This is something Labour use to do so well, instead
this election, they tried to suck up to the Unions and the Socialists.
Tracy Watkins and Andrea Vance those so called
Journalists, who's twitter profile pictures remind me
of some smug smary little middle school kid who
think they're so tough by sneering into the lens,
cant wash their hands of this, with their vile reporting.

Not sure if Labour will learn from their mistakes.

Time will tell. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

November 11 2014

The day Garth Brooks fans have been waiting for.

On November 11 2014 his new album will be

The countdown is on.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Zealand Election Tomorrow

Go out and Vote, we live in a democracy, and
this is the reward.

Respect the result and drop the ugliness that
this election has had.

Don't campaign on election day.

Have fun.

And may the better man win.

Time will tell.


Matthew Sullivan has been jailed for three
and a half years, he was the jerk who drag
raced at 180khm, causing another car to hit
and kill a woman.

Finally a judge with some sense. It's about
time these losers who cause pain and suffering
to others get sent to jail for their crimes.

Well done to the Justice system.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

To the Parents of The Kid who Yelled at me

I don't mind people campaigning for
the political party of their choice. Go
door knocking, hand out leaflets, go
on twitter, I have to say congrats for
getting involved.

What I don't like or appreciate on
a cold raining day, when all I want
to do is get home is having your
ten or eleven year old kid, asking
me who I'm voting for, and when
I tell them, they say "You should
vote for the Greens instead"

And when I walk away, I dont
appreciate, your kid giving me
a smart ass look and yelling,
"Vote Green Vote Green"

Why you never called your kid
back, I will never know and why
I never told your child to go away,
I will never know, I was more in
a state of shock I guess.

Please, if your on the same street
corner tomorrow, can you ask him not to
bother adults going about their
business, and maybe suggest to him
it's not very clever when he gives
adults a smartass condescending look.


Garth from Chicago


I didnt take this. Garth from Chicago.

Monday, September 15, 2014

KimDotCom Fail

That's it!!!


Fail of the year.

The biggest fail since, Trumpy went after

His big announcement, wasn't an announcement
at all, it was really just a party political
broadcast for Communist parties around the

No new information, fake emails, one big
ego trip for Kimdotcom.

Im guessing the Unions loved it, because it
had no substance.

Now with five days left, can  the parties please
talk policies, the people of New Zealand deserve
more than having to hear from a failed German

I doubt Labour and Temana will have the integrity
to do so, though.

Time will tell.