Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Garth Brooks Secret Plan for 2018

Garth Brooks has been hinting in the past few weeks,
about what his secret plan for 2018 is.

Hes been dropping little hints, like saying he's never
done this before and hes never done this at this pace

Well I've figured it out, I can almost guarantee it.

Garth has always been a fan of Queen, decades ago
they did  26 Stadium shows in six weeks in the USA.

This is what Garth Brooks is going to so.

Summer of 2018 in the USA, Garth Brooks is going to
do 26 Stadium shows in just weeks.

He will make the announcement in May.

I have never been more sure of anything in my life.

Its going to be real and its going to be magnificent.

Well done to Garth for taking this on.

Am i right?

Time will tell.

Monday, February 12, 2018

An Open Letter to all Kiwis

For the love of God Kiwis, stop wanting to Ban things.
Stop wanting to Ban people.  Stop freakin bitching
about the stuff in society you don't like.

Stop being easily offended,  stop campaigns  to get
people fired.  Are we still this precious as a nation,
that a moronic white privileged jerk off like Robert
Jones can make a dumb ass racist joke, and our
reaction is not just to get the publication that printed it,
to drop the article, but to fuckin make it ILLEGAL for
those comments to be published.

Film maker Renae Maihi who's had countless films
funded by NZ on Air, now wants a complete ban on
the comments made by Jones, she wants it to be
illegal to publish such comments.

How a film maker can be so against free speech, can
be so narcissistic and self righteous is beyond belief.

But you know what, it's a  kiwi thing.

We have a self rigehtous history like no other, we are
really a bully nation, thinking we can bring people down to
make us look better.

Take one of our main bloggers,  a person who spent decades
telling people to fuck off, calling them every name under
the sun, a person who doxxed people, who printed private
information,  has now became famous taking the role of the
victim, and the media laps her up.

We have a sports media, who makes fun of other sports,
Eg: they wear pads,  they are soft, they're cheats. A
sports media that constanly lies and tells us, the whole
world admirers  and respects our national sport team,
when  is reality the whole world has no idea or cares
about the AB's.

We have a media who says one of the greatest acheivements
the world has ever seen, is a politician who is pregnant.

We have a music media, who still sniggers, puts their hand
over the mouth, and rolls their eyes at the thought, that
another country may think a country artist has talent.

We have politicans who would rather support  Russia and
North Korea than the USA.

We have activists who say they're for free speech and that
they're anti apartheid, yet  totally supports business owners not
serving people from Israel.

We have people who publish hacked emails in books,
and then complain that their privacy has been violated.

We have a political party who says they're for the environment
and human rights, yet have never protested  China or Russia.

We are a hypocritical nation.

Other nations matured when they went into the 21st century,
New Zealand went backwards.

I just wish my fellow kiwis would get over themselves,
and stopped being so thin skinned, but we wont , I
unfortunately, think we will get worse.

Time will tell.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Time for Garth Brooks to Join "MeToo" and "TimesUp" campaign

Isn't it time that the biggest name in country music History,
Garth Brooks, made a stand by making a speech, and I don't mean
saying a nice soundbite on The Ellen Show, but actually give a speech
that is hard hitting, takes no prisoners, and challenges, other
male artists, writers, singers, record label guys and those in the
industry to take a zero tolerance policy on any BS that happens to females in the industry.

Thru the decades hes known as a nice guy that supports
women's issues, but now its time to get serious and take it
one step further and talk of things that may be difficult to discuss.

Hell its not just women's issues its everyone's issues.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Jacinda Ardern First Woman in History to Have a Baby

The New Zealand Prime Minister has created
History by becoming the first woman in History
to become pregnant.

She's having a baby!!!

I'm guessing  shes the first, because of the headlines
from the NewZealand media, which have been....

"Today anything is Possible"

"An inspiration for generations to come"

"A Historical day in Global History"

This has to be the greatest feat in the History of the world,
I cannot beleive how understated the NZ media has bee with

I guess Keith Locke and John Minto are so right, our media is
still just so so pro John Key.

We must bow down and acknowledge this perfect woman, the
first ever to be with child.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bot Intelligence

I always wondered how it was done.

The math just didn't add up.  Lately I
have been reading about BOT Intelligence and
how a lot of twitter accounts are run by machines,
and not a human typing.

I'm not talking about how Bot Intelligence is done,
but how a blog could go so viral  so fast.

You see a few years ago, a blog supposedly got  a million
hits in just a few days.  Can happen I suppose, the blogger
has now become a published writer a editor of a major
news blog in New Zealand and doing the speaking

Of course the story behind her success, wasn't true,  it
wasn't her first blog, and this person had a history of
calling themselves a victim, yet they  were guilty of the
behaviour they were accusing others of, and were extremely

Anyway that's another story.  On the first few days of
their new blog, twitter in New Zealand went off,
tweet after tweet saying "You have go to this blog", "Funniest
post in Internet History"

 I thought at the time it was just a Mantra
from her fanbase,  but it appeared most tweets were word
for word the same, no difference and they would appear
every 10 to 15 seconds.

But after reading what I have read today, I believe this blogger has used "Bot Intelligence"

They have a history on twitter of deleting their own tweets,
they go off and on twitter every so often, (currently they have
a protected account)  So my theory is that  they're using Bot
Intelligence and are trying to hide it.

They wouldn't be the first Kiwis to use it,  NZ Rugby uses it,
and then reports false social media numbers to the media who
of course lap it up.

I find Bot Intelligence on social media for this purpose to
be disgusting and think it should be illegal.

Of course it wont, it's just kinda scary this is the way some
people use it.

Here's hoping the trend wont catch on.

Time will tell.

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Death Of Modern Family

The TV show Modern Family has died.

It is currently into it's ninth season, and will
have ten seasons, but  last night's episode
was the day it officially died for me.

The producers/writers have decided that their
sole purpose is to make sure Disney has their
next child star.

Nothing against the child actor,  but he's just
a pawn in a money making machine, sure
its a faux doco, and the actors look at the camera,
but this child actor has yet to figure out the times
he is suppose to look at the camera and the times
he isnt.

But that's not my main beef  with the show and how they handle
this actor.

It use to be edgy, they use to write brillantly for their kid
actors, now they have turned the show into some Disney Junior
Full House show.

Shot after shot, there is a close up of  Joe Pritchett's face, he may
say lines like "I luv you mummy" or  "Im sorry" and the shot
will linger on his big brown eyes.

It's killed the show for me, I feel like I'm watching a show for little
kids, then straight after his scenes they may have more adult content
with the adult actors.

Bit it seems more often than not the show, is about pushing this
kid and his cuteness on to the viewing public.

A far cry from season one when Phil  Shot Luke with  a paintball

I'm kinda guessing next week episode, there will be half a dozen
shots of Joe's face close up.

I wont know, because I wont be watching.

RIP Modern Family,  2009-2018.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ten Years Blogging

Today is the tenth anniversary of this blog.

I started this blog ten year ago.

And not one bad post.

And a mammoth 150K hits in ten years.

Perhaps I should look to do other things?

Time will tell.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Splash TV Stalks Millie Bobby Brown

Here are the contact details of the Paparazzi company known
as SPLASH TV, that has been stalking Millie Bobby Brown
the child actress from Stranger Things.

Not only have they been stalking her, but have also been
gloating on youtube making videos saying "You Can't Fool
Us"  when Millie tried to wear a disguise thru LAX.

She is a child for Pete sake, please  tell the contacts below to stop harassing a child.
Contact: London Jessica Townsend +44 (0) 207 078 8958
Los Angeles Paysley Ross +1 310 821 2666

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This Kid is No Hero or Victim

What happen to him was wrong. But he is no victim
and no hero, and he certainely shouldn't have been
invited on stage to celebrate  with the Sydney Football
team after they won the FFA.

What he did was passive aggressive, what he was obnoxious,
annoying and inconsiderate, what he did also showed
he has some sort of sense of entitlement.

Basically this is the Kid, who was a ball boy during
the FFA cup final game between Sydney and Adelaide,
the game had gone into extra time, minutes left, Adelaide
was down by a goal, the ball went out, the Adelaide player
spotted a player was on the break so wanted a quick throw

He asked the kid for the ball, the kid held on to it, the
player then went up the kid and asked him again, the
kid turned his back on the player and cradle the ball
so the player couldnt get it, the player then  wrapped his
arms around the kid to get the ball, the kid fell over
all hell broke loose.

The kid made himself out to be a victim, that he was
done wrong, after the game, as stated before, he was invited
on stage to celebrate with the Sydney team.

Yes the player shouldn't have touched the kid, but here's
the thing, this sets an awful precedent, boy balls will think,
hey we can help our home team, we can be smart asses
to the opposition players, but cause we are only 10-12 years old,  no
one will try and stop us.

This is so wrong, this kid needs to be banned himself, from Football
for a short period of time and be made to make a public apology, not be
touted in the media as a victim and a hero.

He had one job, get the ball to the player as fast as possible.

He failed, he shouldnt be rewarded for his disgusting behavior.

This incident believe me, will be repeated by ball boys all over,
unless people invovled in Football speak out.

I don't think they will though.

Time will tell.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chris Martin, What are you doing here at a Closet Company in LA?

It's Mental!

Modern Family which is one my fav shows of my
life time, may have jumped the shark or at least been
pranked by Chris Martin.

Thru it's first four seasons, I would've put Modern Family
up there with the all time greats, MASH, Seinfeld and
the Office (Both UK and US Versions)

The next two seasons saw a drop in quality, the two seasons
after that were literally quite poor, but this season, the show
has bounced back.

Until now, where it was announced that Chris Martin is
visiting the Dunphy's.

As soon as this was announced, comparison with Ricky
Gervais's extras, came to light. The episode where Ricky
Gervais was making a  point that having a celeb guest star
in a sitcom is a sign that the sitcom has Jumped the Shark.

I'm not sure how Modern Family will play his appearance,
if it's a ode to Extras, or even handled in a different way than
a sitcoms usual  "Guest Star playing himself" then it might
work, but unfortunately it would seem, it may be one of
those shows that Gervais was having a go at.

For myself, this would be a huge shame for Modern Family,
a show that was describe as cutting edge, a show that was
different, to use such a cheesy sitcom tactic is an insult to
the viewer.

Modern Family has been better this season than the previous
two, and it's fanbase takes the show seriously, but if the Chris
Martin episode is a bad one, I'm calling it,  despite being
renewed, Modern Family wont have a tenth season.

It will have well and truly Jumped that Shark, and even the
most diehad fan will be extremely disappointed, to a point
that's it unforgivable.

Here's hoping  the episode will work, Modern Family deserves
to still be making great episodes.

Time will tell.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Garth Brooks win Entertainer of the Year at the 51st CMA's

Once again Garth Brooks has made music History.
Winning his sixth Entertainer of the year award
at the  51st  CMA's.

No one from any genre had a bigger tour, played
more dates, created more energy, the amount of
shows he played the past 12 month was beyond

Then there was Studio G, a personal sincere chat
with his fans every Monday on facebook, which
also aired on Sirius radio.

It's quite unbelievable really,  a man who's been
entertaining since 1989, being on top of his game
for a staggering 28 years, and as the old saying
goes, like a wine age, he gets better with age.

Not sure what is left for Garth in the music industry,
2018 he will once again leave North America and tour
the world, like he did in 1994.

He will bring the same energy  to these shows that he
has done in the USA and Canada, and he will do it
by keeping the music country and not watering it down
or remixing it, trying to make it like pop music.

So congrats to Mr Brooks, you deserve to have this
and I cannot wait to see you perform when hopefully
you come down to New Zealand.

We are your friends in Low Places.