Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breaking Bad

The greatest show in the history of television, took
out best writing for a Drama series, Best Supporting
Actress for Anna Gunn, best supporting Actor for
Aaaron paul, best Actor for Bryan Cranston and of
course Best Drama.

Every Emmy was deserved, the shows place in television
history is deserved, I wish I was a way way way better
writer, so I could put into words just how special this
show is.

It's now ended, and as I go back to watch it again and
again, I think the best way I can describe it is..

Yeah Bitches!

There will never be another show like Breaking Bad!

Thank you Vince for creating it.

Modern Family Wins Best Comedy

Well done to Modern Family and Ty Burrell.

Ty Burrell won for best supporting actor and
Modern family tied Frasier's record of  five
straight emmys for best comedy.

Modern Family also won an emmy for directing.

Season five of Modern family was IMHO it's best.

Any thoughts that this show was past its use by date
is out the window.

Modern Family just gets better and better and better.

Congrats to all involved with the show.

Roll on season six.

I cannot wait!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery  is once again in  Bullying mode.

Here is a person who's whole career has been based
on being a Bully.

Like all Bullies, she loves to yell out abuse, call
people names, have threatening body language,
while pretending to be the one who is being

Who can  forget her disgusting rant against gays
last year, calling them derogatory names and such.

But where are  the complaints from the people who
say they stand up  to Bullies, no they're saying the
usual, "If she was man"

Well Im sorry, if she was a man, she would've been
called out by now, but because of her ideology, she

I have never got my head around the  people, who scream
such vile abuse at others, saying it's their right, but if people
dare talk back to them, they get offended

For myself that is the very definition of a hypocritical
Bully and that is what Pam Corkery is.

If the Internet Mana party has any integrity, she would
be fired. If those on the left who say they hate, hate, she
would be called up on what she does.

But I anit holding my breath.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Monet-Mei Clarke Disingenuous New Zealander of the Year

Meet Monet-Mei Clarke, the most disingenuous
New Zealander so far this year.

When the story first broke that KiwiYo, didn't
allow her to say "Kia Ora" to customers, people
were outrage and rightly so. But then the whole
story come out.

KiwiYo has a standardized greeting they want their
servers to use for all customers. They're a private business
and that is their right. The greeting is "Hello, welcome to Kiwiyo,
is this your first visit"

Monet-Mei Clarke wanted to just say, "Kia Ora" she made out
to the media that she was saying the rest, when in fact she wasn't.

She stated it was her first job, (she's 17) and she loved her coworkers.

She talked of wanting to keep her language alive and left KiwiYo.

Again, Monet needs to understand that a private has the right to have
every worker say their greeting.

The CEO has now said sorry, and  she is welcome to work there,
Monet doesnt want to.

Now I would be fine with all this but...

She has now got her local school to organize a protest,  the
usual protest groups, are there, TeMana, Unite, outside the store,
blocking people from going in.

Her response  to this was to say "They get what they deserve"

This is not about racial prejudice, but about a 17 year old Kid
who wants to get her own way, and has been taught from a very
young age that she is a victim.

Monet, you have a lot to learn. Here's hoping this is just an
age thing and a lack of experience from you.

Judging by your attitude tonight on the news tonight, it anit.

Your former bosses and coworkers deserve better.

Just something to think about.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nastiest Election Campaign Ever

This is New Zealand's nastiest election campaign

I cannot believe how nasty it's gotten and it's by
the nastiest is coming from people who claim to
be caring, kind, and people who love everybody.

The left wing parties!

Labour has turned into some sort of far left Green

The Green party is not a environmental party anymore, they're
more an activist party for Euro style Socialism.

Then we have the most vile party this country has ever produced,
TeMana/Internet party.

The personal attacks these parties have done against people,
other countries, and ideas leaves me heart broken.

I cannot follow this election, how I would want to, because
of all the hate that is coming out.

I could've kinda let it slide, but do the people leading these
hate attacks, have to look so gosh darn Smug and self righteous
when they attack, it makes my skin cruel.

Worst off it makes me sad.

It's an awful time for NZ Politics.

I don't want to be  a part of it.

Cant wait till the election is over.

Remember you get the Government you deserve.

Something to think about.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beautiful Peace Protest

This is what a peace protest should be.

Peaceful marching, people singing, people
praying for peace, talking about peace,
wanting peace.

There were no hateful slogans, no call
for death to certain countries, no flag burning,
just a wonderful outing.

Take note, Labour Party, Anjum Rahman,
Green Party, TeMana, Unite, Minto, and
Socialist Aoteatoa, and think twice about
your hateful protests.

The Israeli community of NewZealand
did themselves proud.

Well done.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

That Guy wins again

Was there any doubt? On May 15th 2011,
I did a post about that guy. I then did a repost
a few years later.

Once again, That Guy has beaten the other guy.


Just once I would like the other guy to win.

Not a chance ever.

My big problem now, is that, THAT GUY, is
getting more and more smug, and he's a guy
who really doesnt need more smugness, cause
he's already a bit of a narcissist.

But hes won again, and he will always win.

Too bad about my friend, the other guy, but
hey who cares about him, society sure doesn't.

It's about that guy.

Friday, July 25, 2014

An Open Letter to the Islamic Community of New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand.

We believe you have the right to follow your religion,
your culture, your beliefs, you have the right to do this
without anyone saying your wrong or any racial hatred
towards you. It doesn't matter if your a new immigrant,
or second/third Generation Muslim living in New Zealand.

New Zealand is made up of all sorts of people, living
together, all with different points of views.

Recently there was a march which many members of the
New Zealand Islamic community took part in, as usual
with these marches, various extremist political groups,
took part, those groups being "Unite, TeMana, John
Minto's band of followers, and senior high school students,
first year Uni students, who were play acting, wearing those
anonymous masks.

Labour List MP and Islamic Womans Council of New
Zealand spokeswoman Anjum Rahman, called it a
peaceful protest, unfortunately this is isnt true.

What was said in this protest was offensive and degrading
to all New Zealanders.

New Zealand has a strong connection to the USA, there
are currently 27 thousand Kiwis living there, it has the
most kiwis in it, living abroad, more than any other country
apart from the UK and Australia.

So when you shout out  Death to them, when you
call for genocide against them, this is going to upset a
lot of people, and I hope you realize that the majority
of Kiwis would feel ill, hearing people say this.

In terms of the flag burning, Anjum Rahman once said
"Its just a piece of cloth" This statement again is grotesque,
Anjum knows how its a symbol of pride for exPat Americans
in New Zealand and burning it, is exactly equal to burning
the Koran or drawing a picture of Mohammed.

As for carrying the flag of Israel with a certain German
Symbol on it, I have to wonder, where is your heart? Most
people globally would see that, and feel outrage and rightly

Too sum it up, I guess I can say, We love FREE speech in
New Zealand, but we dont like, HATE speech, there is a

We dont expect you to come around to what we would
call western traditions, you have your traditions, but please
dont expect us to have hatred for western traditions, historically
we have a close connection to the USA,  you may
hate them, we dont.

Just something to think about, okay?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hone Harawira Anti Semitic Anti American

I never thought, New Zealand would produce
someone more vile and repugnant than John Minto.

But we have, his name is Hone Harawira.

How this disgusting piece of trash is in our Parliament,
is beyond me.

I guess every country has a small bunch of supporters
who like people like Hone.

Hone's party TeMana were prevalent in the Protest
March in Auckland, the so called Peace March was
of course just another march to hate on Israel, the USA
and capitalism  in general. There were symbols so hurtful
at the march, (this symbol was on the Israeli Flag) there
was burning of the USA flag.

The usual  Union groups turn up also, student groups, the
NZ Activists Muslim community. The comments coming
from the crowd werent peaceful, they were quite sickening.

Of course Labour Party List candidate, Anjum Rahman thought
the protest was peaceful and friendly.

Hone all along was grinning and laughing.

You guys arent fooling anyone, this was not a march for
peace but a march for your extreme and I mean extreme

Hang your head in shame, Hone, your a disgrace to your people.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tim Howard

Hard luck to the USA for being beaten by Belgium
in extra time.

Hats off to the USA goalkeeper though, Tim Howard,
you were amazing, a true gentleman and sportsperson.

Hats off to him!